Laure Porché, Soul-Tender


I am a Healer and shamanic practitioner, artist and dreamer whose passion is assisting others on their path to a deeper and fuller life.  

I love the creativity of this work, as every person is different and I make a point of adapting to what is the best possible path for each client. I call this soul-tending, as I see myself more as a gardener than a "healer". Plants grow even in the most adverse conditions, and so do humans. We don't need anyone to find peace for us and, likewise, plants don't need anyone to find sun and water. But the process will be made a little easier if someone is there to remove big rocks in the way, or to trim dead leaves, or to provide a bigger pot for the roots to spread. That's what this work is about. 

I am based in NYC but also work remotely via Skype.

I studied Systemic Constellation facilitation with Francesca Mason Boring and Bertold Ulsamer, Shamanic Healing with Betsy Bergstrom, Craniosacral Unwindings and Polarity Therapy with Gary Strauss, Sound Healing with Gabrielle Laden and Reiki with Lindsey Harrington.