Sessions take place in New York City, NY, or remotely via Skype.

Assessment Session 

Via skype

45 minutes for $50

This session is completely optional. Its aim is to help you clarify the roots of your issue and determine whether the work I do feels like a good fit for you. In this session, I ask you detailed questions to determine together what kind of work would be helpful and supportive to what you most want to achieve. It's also an opportunity for you to meet me prior to starting the work so as to gain a sense of my working style, and to see if that works for you.


Soul-tending session

90 Minutes for $140

We will determine together what modality is best suited for your needs. This session could consist of frequency healing (Reiki, CranioSacral Unwindings, Sound Healing, Polarity Therapy, Chakra Tuning), shamanic healing (soul retrieval, spirit removal, inner child healing, thought form unraveling) or Family Constellation work. We'll look together for what might be the obstacles on your way to peace, and find the best tools for you to remove them. Also available remotely via Skype.


We will explore your issue or your family system using the Knowing Field, with tools that will give you an embodied experience of the dynamics that are present and what might help to change them. You will get a chance to gain a new awareness of the patterns that might have been passed down your family, and to consciously take a different route. Also available remotely via Skype.

Individual Constellation Session

60 Minutes for $90