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Systemic constellation is a modality that allows you to access information, insight and healing in relation to any system (a group of related parts that move or work together) that you are a part of. The first and most prominent system in our lives tend to be our family, but there are many more, like our work environment, society, nature, the different parts of our daily life...even our body itself is a system! 

During this workshop, with the participation of the group, you will have an opportunity to explore issues that you feel are hindering your well being or your progress in life. Whether actively doing the work or standing as a representative for someone else, tremendous amount of insight and healing are available in each constellation circle, and you can expect to be changed by the experience.

Systemic constellations might be for you if you:

  • You feel caught in patterns you are powerless to stop.
  • You are wondering about the next best step in your life.
  • You have difficulty finding your place.
  • You are an artist experiencing a creative block.
  • Your business or practice has trouble functioning at its best.
  • Relationships within your family are difficult.
  • You feel like you don't belong anywhere.
  • None of the "traditional" therapy routes have brought about the change you seek.
  • The trauma suffered by your family in past generations seem to be affecting your life.

There are many more applications to systemic constellations.

"For millions of people worldwide, Family Systems Constellation has become a reliable intervention when people are "stuck" or when they have pain in their lives, with anxieties, problems and barriers that seem somehow not to be of their own making. The work is simple, the premise is simple, and the results are simple....Family Systems Constellation provides an opportunity.  To identify and release ancestral barriers to happiness, health and well-being is a significant step forward. When conventional methods of counseling have not worked, and when some of the experience of pain is actually based in the difficulties of prior generations, it is a gift to utilize Family Systems Constellation, which has the capacity to identify, address, and alleviate that pain....Through Family Constellations, we are able to watch family entanglements unravel, by observing representatives who stand for members of the family system, with the support of an experienced facilitator." - Francesca Mason Boring

Event is limited to 15 participants. Participation fee is $50.


What People Are Saying About Laure's Classes:


“Laure introduced me to constellation work and it has been a life-opening experience. In the few sessions we’ve had, I’ve learned volumes about my own inner system and human relationships in general. Laure is a warm, loving presence that approaches the work with grounding and humor. I would recommend the experience to anyone.”

“Laure was an excellent and compassionate facilitator. As someone who had no prior experience with this kind of work, I was blown away by the workshop and Laure’s careful detangling of complicated familial issues with grace.”

"I have been doing constellation work with Laure this year, and last night I had a serious breakthrough. The kind that feels so powerful, and yet so simple and clear it’s as if you’ve always known it. I love wisdom that comes in this way, as it feels more like a remembering than a revelation. I’m so excited to continue down this specific path that was carved last night. Anyway, if you want to try something new, something that can deepen your experience and understanding of your own life, I recommend this woman. She is highly intuitive, gentle, totally effective with what she does."

“I have done many constellation explorations with Laure in the past year and the beauty and the healing that takes place never ceases to amaze me. Laure works in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive or forced and is completely free of ego. Doing constellations, both as a representative and as a client, has not only brought about healing for me and my family but has made me more compassionate towards my family members and brought me closer to my ancestors (even those that I never got the chance to meet!). It has certainly expanded my view of the world and given me a deeper understanding of how and why history tends to repeat itself. I encourage anyone who might be reading this to come explore with us. It’s a beautiful and fun spiritual experience!”