Healing Families, Healing Systems

Systemic constellations allow us to access information present in the weave of life, the Knowing Field, to look at any system and understand the way its elements relate to one another. I offer Family, Organizational, Nature and Artists constellations, both in an individual and group setting.

 In the case of Family Constellations, first introduced by Bert Hellinger, we can inquire into what might be at the origin of a certain pattern in the person's life, and sometimes find resolution, both for the seeker and their family system. While scientists have found that trauma could be inherited through genes, family constellations facilitators have known for years that a trauma or exclusion in a family system could have dire repercussions for several generations of descendants.  Family constellations provides us with a way to restore the flow of love and inclusion in a family, and to graciously accept what is and recognize our life for the gift that it is. It is a work of the soul, that can have profound resonance and effect for the seeker, and present them with a new vision of their "family myth".

Constellations can also be used to look at things that may be impeding any system from functioning at its best. It is of invaluable help when looking at organizations and how to optimize them in a way that is sustainable for all their departments. One could also use constellation to look at the different aspects of their private practice or business and get information about what may be the perfect balance for them. Artists can use constellations to explore their relationship to creativity, money, or any systemic block in their family system that might prevent them from thriving in their chosen profession.

Nature Constellations, as introduced by Francesca Mason Boring, are an amazing tool to look at any kind of environmental issue, like informing land use, energy choices, sustainability choices, working with pets, supporting real estate transactions, reconnecting with the land of our ancestors vs the land of immigration, etc... It is a rich tool towards returning our membership in Earth Community.

You can chose to do this work individually or in a group. The group offers the advantage of having people stand as representatives for the different elements or relationships you want to look at, and they often offer a wealth of information. I organize workshops regularly, you can find the information for the next one on the Events page.  In an individual session, we will use visualization, objects or sometimes standing yourself as a representative in order to explore the dynamics that are impeding you. It is a good way to get acquainted with the work and see its potency first hand. 

If you are interested in reading more about constellations, you can find a list of book references in the Resources section. You can also read this great article about Mark Wollyn's book, It didn't start with you, or this article about my work in constellations.