We Are Made of Energy

At a quantum level, we are made of frequency and vibration, of space. I use Reiki, Sound Healing and CranioSacral Unwindings combined to make contact with your innate vibration and support your system in healing itself.

Our bodies heal all the time, and there is a way of touching them, sitting with them,  listening to them, that supports that healing process. There are also specific frequencies and vibrations that can induce healing movement, both in your physical and energy body. 

Science has recently caught up with the effect of sound and vibration on the structure of water. Our bodies are made of water, and sound healing can have a profound effect on our physical well being. 

Reiki calls on cosmic energy to balance the energy body, and craniosacral works on both the physical and energetic by supporting healthy movement in our fascias and connective tissues. 

Craniosacral Unwindings allows fascias in the body to release held trauma or stress. It is especially helpful to restore flow in places that have suffered injury or physical trauma. This work can also address emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, as it operates on a frequency subtle enough to help shift these resonances.

Frequency healing can help with pain, depression, chronic fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, digestive issues, immunity, anxiety, as well as other conditions. I can give you basic energy hygiene practice to better manage and strengthen your energy field in challenging urban conditions.

For more on craniosacral work, read this great article by Gary Strauss.

For more on sound healing, watch this brilliant interview by one of the leaders in the field, Jonathan Goldman.