The body, your first ally

Whatever your experience of life is, your body keeps track of it. Emotional and physical traumas live in the matter that makes us until we free them, and influence our choices and our states of being, more or less consciously. The advantage of this is that our body often alerts us, through illness, injury or pain, to an aspect of our life that is no longer in keeping with our deepest aspirations.

Craniosacral therapy realigns the person in their innate axis, unwinds the connective tissues (fascias) which keep the memory of traumas, and creates space around a pathology or problematic. It is particularly indicated to restore mobility after an accident or an operation and to relieve chronic pain. This work also helps emotionally, mentally and spiritually as it allows the system to reorganize itself coherently at every level.

Our body heals itself all the time and there is a way to touch it, to be with it, to listen to it, to support this healing process. There are also specific frequencies and vibrations that generate a healing movement, both in the physical and energetic body.

Science has recently demonstrated the effects of sound vibrations on the structure of water. Our bodies are mostly composed of water, and sound therapy has a significant effect on our health and well-being. Integrating the notion of energy and resonance into our daily lives, far from being a vague new-age fashion, concretely helps to improve our resilience against aggressions from the outside world.

The combination of a vibratory approach with physical work can relieve pain, depression, chronic fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, digestive problems, anxiety, as well as many other conditions.

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