Soul-Tending, Soul Restoration

The focus of my work is on restoring people’s soul, and a shamanic approach provides a unique tool to do just that. A shamanic point of view allows me to see the interconnection between all things, and the support that is available for everyone, should they want it.

Part of my work is to make people aware of what is there for them, and to help them see the resources that surround them, both in this reality and in a more etheric realm, as well as help them create rituals to access those resources.

I also use shamanic practices to help people who have suffered “soul loss” as a result of a trauma or difficult situation. Sometimes, the challenges life presents us are so daunting that part of our essence literally leaves us. This can lead to our feeling disempowered, incomplete, overly tired, etc… The process of soul retrieval allows for this essence to come back to us, making us whole again. I also guide people to work with their body to release trauma energy that might still be present.

As we live in a world of moving energies, we can sometimes feel weighed down or intruded upon by resonances that don’t belong to us. Shamanic healing allows for an unraveling and clearing of those energies, supporting the person to regain their sovereignty. It is my belief that a modern use of shamanic practices is a tremendous asset in any healing process, as it caters directly to the person’s essence or soul.

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