Tools to self regulate

Whatever our beliefs, we all feel that our body is animated by something hard to define, soul, essence, spirit ... Sometimes, this "something" is dented by life and the difficulties we encounter. To survive, some parts of us "disappear" while others suffer a split, sometimes creating painful inner conflicts.

Many of our difficulties in adulthood come from events we have experienced as children. This wounded child lives in our body, and reacts violently whenever a situation reminds him of the initial injury. However, this is not inevitable.

There are tools to meet and learn to take care of our inner child and to meet our own needs instead of seeking healing outside of us. When we manage to do this, it becomes easier to cope with life without being steadily re-immersed in the emotional wounds of the past.

On the other hand, our mind has sometimes created limiting beliefs to protect us. Although they are no longer relevant, we continue to make choices based on these beliefs, while we could replace them with a much more encouraging inner speech! Although they’re quite powerful, some simple tools usually help to overcome them.

As we live in a world of energy in motion, we sometimes feel weighed down or influenced by resonances that do not belong to us. It is then a question of learning how to manage one's empathy and to "let go" what is not ours to regain our sovereignty.

The intention of this aspect of the work is to recreate a unified being, free to make choices in the present without being torn between different aspects.