"Laure creates an environment akin to a sanctuary that honors each person's story. She is guided by a dedication to her intuition and works from a place of ego-lessness."  —Jamie Roach

"Laure helps you to feel at ease and comfortable no matter what state you are in at the time. Especially when you are unfamiliar with the work and there is a bit of fear and uncertainty going in. Laure has such a beautiful, calming energy to her." —Ali

"Laure is an incredible healer. She's thoughtful, patient, smart, intuitive and caring. She has a real gift for healing arts. My sessions with her have changed my life. Can't recommend her highly enough!" —Kristin Guerin

About Soul Medicine

"Laure’s gift for the healing arts has truly changed and enriched my life. During my sessions with her I always feel safe and supported and because of her range of methods and knowledge, the sessions never feel monotonous or repetitious. I never thought I could reach this level of healing this quickly and efficiently and I can sincerely say that she pulled me out of the darkness and into the light. Highly recommended!" —J.S.

"Laure is an extremely intuitive and generous facilitator of healing!  I have had the privilege to work with her as she utilizes a blend of modalities all specifically designed for my needs.  Laure is magic and I can't recommend her enough." —S.L.A.

"Laure has a wealth of knowledge in the healing arts, and she has a gentle approach that allows you to be comfortable working with her towards your healing. With a variety of modalities, Laure can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to evolve and feel their best." —J.B.

"My experience was rewarding and enlightening.  Laure listens to her clients, is intuitive and makes herself available via email for questions. The moment I had a conversation on the phone I felt drawn and at ease with her, which is important when doing the type of healing work she does.
The inner child work is the core of my ongoing healing. I became aware with one of many of Laure's session. Taking care of my inner child was a revelation and is an ongoing process of healing.
If you are looking to take care of your soul and break free of your patterns of  behaviors seek Laure to  assist in the pruning." - Geli S.


About family constellation work

“Laure introduced me to constellation work and it has been a life-opening experience. In the few sessions we’ve had, I’ve learned volumes about my own inner system and human relationships in general. Laure is a warm, loving presence that approaches the work with grounding and humor. I would recommend the experience to anyone.”

“I have done many constellation explorations with Laure in the past year and the beauty and the healing that takes place never ceases to amaze me. Laure works in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive or forced and is completely free of ego. Doing constellations, both as a representative and as a client, has not only brought about healing for me and my family but has made me more compassionate towards my family members and brought me closer to my ancestors (even those that I never got the chance to meet!). It has certainly expanded my view of the world and given me a deeper understanding of how and why history tends to repeat itself. I encourage anyone who might be reading this to come explore with us. It’s a beautiful and fun spiritual experience!” - Kelly T.

“I have been doing constellation work with Laure this year, and last night I had a serious breakthrough. The kind that feels so powerful, and yet so simple and clear it’s as if you’ve always known it. I love wisdom that comes in this way, as it feels more like a remembering than a revelation. I’m so excited to continue down this specific path that was carved last night. Anyway, if you want to try something new, something that can deepen your experience and understanding of your own life, I recommend this woman. She is highly intuitive, gentle, totally effective with what she does.’” - T.K.



"Laure was an excellent and compassionate facilitator. As someone who had no prior experience with this kind of work, I was blown away by the workshop and Laure's careful detangling of complicated familial issues with grace." - Anonymous

" In those modalities, it can be hard to tell who is the real deal. Laure is the real deal. An amazing healer, she connects with the deepest parts of your soul to help you navigate towards your greater good. I can credit some of the most influential realizations, growth and clarity to my work with Laure. She will answer any questions you have even if there are many. This practice is very special and meaningful, if you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, I encourage you to do so." - Jordan D.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Laure at a group Constellation she was facilitating. Not knowing a whole lot about it,  I went in a bit nervous but was immediately put at ease by Laure's presence.  She was knowledgeable and able to communicate in a clear, concise way.  My experience was intriguing.  I felt compelled to work with her again in a private session.  Laure was a caring, attentive listener and she tailored the session to my specific needs.  I felt a significant release after working with her.  She also followed up with additional suggestions of work I could do on my own to continue on a healing path.  Laure is a lovely human being and very gifted at what she does!" - D.D.

"Laure is really amazing! I attended one of her energy integrity workshops and was awestruck by the amount of knowledge and wisdom she has to offer. I learned so much and am truly grateful for her work! The workshop was limited to a few people, so it felt very intimate and personal. After the workshop, I decided to schedule a personal session. I highly recommend a personal session to anyone who is looking to explore the often ignored intersection between personal history/trauma/unrest and how that manifests energetically in our physical bodies. Laure is really great at responding to questions over email and goes out of her way to provide relevant resources and links that can be helpful." - Iliana S.



"I've known Laure for more than a year now and I can't say but amazing stuff about her. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of energy healers, but I have to be honest I don't feel comfortable to recommend all of them. Laure belongs to the group of shamans that I feel comfortable recommending. She is very safe, full of knowledge, intuitive and overall incredibly devoted to her clients. If you are new to shamanism and energy work, Laure is probably the best fit for you." Ana M.